4 Summer Life Hacks for Glasses Wearers

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If you wear glasses, it is likely that this list of struggles will resonate with you, but summer does not have to be difficult with glasses.

1.    A Quick Fix for Slippery Glasses

All glasses wearers will know the struggle of having to push their frames back up every 10 seconds when it is warm outside; a slight bit of oily skin and they no longer want to stay in place. To keep your glasses from slipping down your nose in summer, you can implement these steps into your routine:

·        Use matte makeup instead of products with an oily finish, as they are more likely to create a slippery foundation

·        Wrap hair ties around the frames for a temporary solution, to better grip the glasses to your head and prevent them slipping

·        Tighten your glasses – adjusting the screws in your glasses can prevent them loosening up and not fitting your head as perfectly (this can be done at home but if you do not feel confident, your eye doctor will be happy to help)

·        Anti-slip nose pads – search online or in store for slip prevention silicone pads that can be stuck onto your glasses where your frames meet your nose, for better grip and to reduce movement

2.    The Glasses vs Sunglasses Dilemma

If you wear prescription glasses, you will be aware of the inconvenience in summer by the dilemma of wearing sunglasses but struggling to see or breaking your budget to have prescription sunglasses made. There is a solution worth trying, and it goes by the name of clip on sunglasses – offering sun protection that can be clipped onto your favorite pair of prescription glasses. Although it can take a little bit of time to find an appropriate match for your lenses, they will save you time and money once you do. With a range of colors, shapes, and sizes available, you can find something to suit you.

3.    Fighting the Fog

Glasses fogging up is an issue all year round but especially in the summer months. It can be frustrating when the glasses you use to see better have fogged up and ironically left you unable to see; however, there are ways to reduce the severity of the fogging:

·        Anti-fog sprays, drops, and wipes

Anti-fog products contain chemicals that are then coated onto the lens to repel water vapor and prevent condensation – also known as fog. If this is a persistent issue, you might want to consider investing in some products to counter the fog.

·        Cleaning the lenses with soap

Washing the lenses in soap again allows the chemicals to disrupt the surface and prevent condensation. To clean your glasses with soap, simply run them under warm water, gently rub on some washing up soap, rinse and leave to dry after shaking off any excess droplets. Be sure to avoid lotion-based products as these will leave a cloudy residue on the lenses!

4.    Are Contacts Calling Your Name?


If you despise the idea of maintaining glasses in summer, you could consider seeking a contact lens prescription to make summer even easier. This can be more expensive than most other solutions but may be helpful if you are planning to go on vacation. 

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