7 Things Every Traveler Must Pack On A Trip

7 Things Every Traveler Must Pack On A Trip

Packing is an art form that is perfected over time. Whether traveling for a long trip or a quick jaunt, packing is never easy. Things get overwhelming quickly. You don’t need to pack everything for your trip. Even if you are a seasoned traveler, it’s always helpful to keep a list of travel essentials handy. It will help you make sure you’ve packed all the must-have items you need to enjoy your vacation. Here are seven items you should not leave home without while traveling.

Travel documents

Never leave your house without your medical cards, insurance cards, or passport. Make sure that you have packed these items in a bag that you can carry to any place. If you are traveling to an international location, you might not be able to pass immigration without a passport or a medical insurance document. You should also take xerox copies of these important documents and keep them in a safe place. If god-forbid, you get into any kind of emergency, these documents will be your savior.


Toiletries are some of the daily used items that you should pack on any trip that you are embarking on. A typical toiletry kit has items like face creams, lip balms, toothbrushes, face wash, etc. Add some basic medicines like motion sickness pills, eye drops, anti-diarrheal pills, and allergy pills as well. These medicines will protect you from minor health issues. All these items can fit in one or two small toiletry bags. Having these items handy will save you from running around a new place to find them.

Travel wallet

You will be carrying a lot more items in your wallet during your trip. You will need more space to carry currencies, hotel cards, money cards, and tickets. You will have to be more organized during your trip. A good travel wallet will help you in keeping all these important items safe and secure.

Coffee pods

Travel can be a stressful activity. A cup of your favorite coffee will give you the much-needed energy boost to enjoy your trip. Carrying coffee can be tricky as you would also need to pack a coffee brewer with it. Instead of packing these many items, buy coffee pods for your travel. One coffee pod is good enough to make a 40 ml espresso coffee. You just have to dip the pod in hot water and instant coffee is ready. Moreover, these pods are available in a variety of flavors and are biodegradable also. Your carbon footprint will also reduce if you switch to coffee pods.

Smartphone and camera

 Traveling without a smartphone is inevitable. It keeps you connected with important updates and you can also take amazing photos during your trip. With your smartphone, you will also have to pack its charger and a portable USB power bank. If you are a photography enthusiast, then don’t forget to carry your camera and it’s accessories. Missing a good camera on your trip will be disheartening for you and your family. You wouldn’t want to miss capturing your travel experiences.

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes

Safety should always be at the forefront of any trip that you endeavor on. With the current ongoing pandemic, it’s advised to take certain safety precautions. Hand sanitizers and wet wipes will keep your skin protected from any dirt or viruses. Since you would be venturing into new locations, it will be good to protect you and your family with this safety gear. Prevention is always better than cure.

Travel comfort and entertainment

Long travel times can become boring. You might feel drowsy or sleepy during long flights or overnight bus trips. Having a travel pillow, eye mask, and earplugs will help you in enjoying a comfortable nap during travel. For entertainment, you can pack some of your favorite books, magazines, and travel games to make the trip more fun. Also, keep guide books, maps, and language guides that will make your trip smooth in a new destination.

Wherever you are planning to go, just ensure that you think through the items that you might need on the trip. Keep the above-mentioned list handy, and add or remove items based on your needs. Try to pack light so that you will have better mobility during your trip.