9 Things to Expect from Your Painting Contractor

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Painting your home is a significant financial decision. Hence, unless you are a pro-DIYer, we would recommend you consider hiring a painting contractor to do up your new house.

Hiring a painting contractor for your home will not only save you time but it will also get rid of the possibility of you falling from a stool and landing in the hospital. Painting contractors also get the work done faster than you and you need not worry about uneven paint coating if you hire professionals.

Have you decided to hire a paint contractor but don’t know what to expect from him? Fret not, we will let you know exactly what you must expect from painting contractors.

  1. Sound knowledge 

Painting contractors must have sound knowledge about their job and which paint colour will look good for which room. They must also know the paint colour trends of the year and should be able to recommend you great paint brands and which finish you must choose for your space.

  1. Quality 

You hire a painting contractor because you want your house to look the best. So, don’t settle for anything less. Make sure that your painting contractor offers you finesse in his house wall painting work.

  1. Expert advice 

If there is structural damage that needs to be addressed, it is the job of your painting contractor to inform you about the situation and provide you with a solution. A pro tip is to hunt for a painting contractor who is passionate about his work and one who would work alongside you to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

  1. Written contract 

If your painting contractor has scribbled the painting cost estimate on the back of a tissue paper in front of you, then trust us when we say that he is not the one for you. Painting contractors must give their clients a thorough walkthrough of what they are planning to do with your space and how much everything will cost. Remember that it is all in the small details. The written contract must include everything from whether they will move your furniture, how they are planning to prep your walls, time frame, number of workers, paint brands to post clean up, touch up cost and the estimated overall cost of the project.

  1. Timeliness

Your painting contractor should arrive on time for site inspection and stick to his delivery schedule unless there is an inevitable delay. He must also ensure that his workers arrive on the time and wrap up according to the time decided by both parties.

  1. Open to questions 

Trusting someone to do up your space is a big deal. Hence, painting contractors must be willing and open to answering all the questions of their potential customers. It is their job to ease their customers’ worries and earn their trust.

  1. Valid Insurance & License 

Professional painters for home must have valid insurance and license which will protect them as well as you in case there is an accident. A professional painting contractor will ensure that he has got all his painters for home covered under insurance.

  1. Post- cleanup 

It is the job of the painters to clean up after they finish their day’s work unless you tell them otherwise. Make sure that you discuss the post- cleanup situation with your painting contractor and include it in the written contract to avoid any future miscommunication.

  1. Touch-ups 

A good painting contractor knows that he might have to do some touch-ups or repaint an entire wall if the client is unhappy with the finished product and has a genuine reason to be so.

Remember that choosing the right painting contractor will decide the fate of your home walls. Hence, don’t shy away from getting multiple quotes and vetting a handful of potentials before deciding which one suits you and your requirement the best.

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