Adding a Search Box in WordPress: How To Do It

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Are you looking for ways for adding a search box in the WordPress menu? If yes, this post is going to tell you about it. WordPress allows you to add a search option on the sidebar of the website, a footer note, and all other areas with the widget. Although a lot of users have the preference of having the WordPress search section in the navigation menu because it is easy to be noticed when it is on top. We are going to discuss the easy steps that you need to follow for adding a search box in WordPress even if you don’t know to code.

The steps are:

  1. The first step you need to follow is installing and activating the white search plug-in. To check details about it, you can check guides on the ways to install a plugin on WordPress. Once activated, you must visit the search forms page which lets you create a new search form. 
  2. This plug-in option lets you add the search form by default so that you can review the settings real quick and then include it in the menu of WordPress. 
  3. The search settings let you make a selection of the content to be featured on your website and that should be added in the website search. 
  4. Then, the ‘includes ‘ section allows you to choose the types of posts and categories such as the best Shopify search app you want to include in the search box. Once done, review all your options and click on the save form option. 
  5. You can find the ‘Excludes’ section which makes defining the content easy for you and with this, you can omit the content that you don’t want to search for. Click on Save Form to save your changes. 
  6. By now, you have your WordPress form ready. Again, you need to save your settings. 
  7. Then, you need to add all other steps to the search form in the navigation menu. Just go to ivory search and settings for the configuration of the search bar to the WordPress menu. 
  8. You can find the Select Menu tab on this page. Here, you can simply toggle the search menu from where you can add the search box. 

There you can find the menu list to add search box in header WordPress and primary menu belonging to the WordPress template. For changing the site template, the list can be automatically generated with the menus available for the template. 

Then, you can select the method of search from the form style following the options available. The plugin feature helps you in displaying the search form in five distinguished patterns. 

If you find the default search form to be slow or ineffective there is an easy way to fix it. Install and activate the plugin WP Fastest Site search by Expertrec. This search plugin will hook to your existing search box and make the search fast.

These are some very easy steps that you need to follow for adding a search box in WordPress. These steps are surely going to help you in doing this. There are many other processes by which you can add a search box in WordPress. But, these steps can be very helpful. 


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