All the Games Coming Very Soon On the PlayStation 5

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Barely a year ago we were anticipating what the new PlayStation 5 would look like. But now we have come closer to its official launch, which is likely the end of 2020 and it’s not so far. Initially, we didn’t hear many official statements about games launching on the PS5 but with the release date crawling closer, many developers have announced what they had up their sleeves. For that very reason, we have compiled a list of all the titles coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Some of the upcoming titles have budded from Steam and made their way on next-generation consoles. Quite a big feat, if you ask us. Some will support online multiplayer modes while some will fully have cross-platform gameplay support. To make that possible for yourself, you would need an internet connection that remains stable through and through. You can check RCN internet packages or if you are looking to switch your current internet provider and have some alternatives already, you can even consider those.


We weren’t expecting the Steam favorite free-to-play Warframe would be hitting PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at once! This celestial shooting game has earned a secure spot in the most-played free games on Steam and currently sits with 50 million registered players. Now with the PS5 release, the game will continue to support cross-platform gameplay.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 completes your daily dose of horror survival games. The game is greenlit for a PlayStation 4 release but with the potential launch of PlayStation 5 in the end of 2020, Techland has planned to bring Dying Light 2 on next generation consoles, which includes the PS 5 and the Xbox Series X. Now the game will likely support cross-platform gameplay.

Battlefield 6

A Battlefield title is yet to disappoint us. With Battlefield 6 heading towards its release on both PS5 and Xbox Series X, 2021 is going to be a great gamble for the game. Electronic Arts hasn’t given much away about what the game will be about, the story it follows and what they have planned for next-gen console support.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum had an early announcement in 2019 but there were no apparent signs of a final release, let alone a beta game. Daedalicis eager to release the game for PS5, Xbox Series X and even for PC in 2021. There’s no official news regarding the game’s support for cross-platform gaming. The game will be about the lore of Gollum and his precious ring.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It cannot be right if Ubisoft doesn’t pave its way to the next-gen consoles with the Assassin’s Creed series. With several popular sequels to its name, Valhalla will make its way to PS5 and Xbox Series X. The gameplay will take a different turn than its original roots. Set in a world of Vikings, Valhalla is set in Norway and Ubisoft has spiced up the gameplay by adding RPG-like features to it.

Gods and Monsters

Another confirmed Ubisoft title securing a spot on PS5 is Gods and Monsters. The game’s aesthetics look a lot different from Ubisoft’s style so we can say the developer is experimenting new styles and maybe the game would click for the console users. As the name suggests, the game surrounds itself with mythical creatures, Gods and a lot of open world exploration.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Despite the first Watch Dogs title released in 2014, the series still hasn’t lost its charm. Ubisoft is now reviving the excitement with a sequel, titled Legion, which will not only be out on PS5 but will also be launched across PS4 in 2020. You don’t have any main character throughout the game. Pick a character, keep exploring, complete missions and switch between characters as you proceed further.

All in all

Some AAA titles will surely be PlayStation exclusive. We didn’t add Last of Us II in the list as the game doesn’t have any official announcement yet regarding its PS5 launch. If it does then another AAA title will be added to the PlayStation exclusive list. The probable release date of the new console is the end of 2020 so we can only hope for new game releases for the console.

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