Bomb Lie At Amritsar School, Understudy Needed Number Related Test Dropped: Police

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Amritsar: The wellspring of the bomb danger message was followed to the cell phone of a school understudy’s dad, police said.

Chandigarh: In one more bomb lie danger at a non-public school in Amritsar, the police play tracked down the part of an understudy to get a math test dropped.

The school was undermined that it would be exploded on September 16. The wellspring of the danger message was followed to the cell phone of an understudy’s dad, police said.

A case has been enrolled.

This is the second such occurrence revealed in seven days in Amritsar, making frenzy and pressure in the city. A top school in the city had detailed a bomb danger on September 7, which was subsequently observed to be naughtiness by three of its understudies.


The episode, be that as it may, put the police on guard and 12 PM look were completed.

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