Essential Things You Need To Know Before Shopping For Marijuana

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If you intend to use marijuana either for medical or recreational purposes, understanding where to go for these supplies is essential. As you may understand, cannabis is now legal in more than half the US states, and the legalization is likely to spread to other states. If you live in a legal state, you can buy weed from a weed dispensary online or from a physical store.

While making your purchase, you will have to look up the laws in your state as regulations and laws vary depending on the state. Buying weed for the first time can be intimidating. However, when you know these essential tips, you will be smarter and savvier while shopping.

1.There are hundreds of marijuana strains

New users have difficulty shopping due to the numerous varieties of marijuana available in a weed dispensary, which can be intimidating. It would be helpful to know that the strains are usually categorized according to their terpenes rather than their CBD and THC levels. Terpenes are aromatic oils that give different smells and tastes to various weed strains. Different terpenes are recommended to provide different effects.

For instance, terpenes that smell like herbs are relaxing, while those that smell like citrus are known to be energizing. While different strains from feminized seeds affect people differently, they all have a similar genetic makeup.

2.Your preferred style of consumption affects your high

When you smoke weed, the cannabinoids are delivered to your brain through your bloodstream in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, the effects may take longer to materialize if you decide to make edibles. That is because it will have to go through your stomach, intestines, and your liver before it gets to your brain.

Although edibles take longer to reach your brain, their effects are more long-lasting as compared to the high you get from smoking. Whichever avenue you decide to use, you need to start with low doses, especially for edibles, to avoid overconsumption.

3.There are two main types of weed plants

Cannabis plants can be categorized under two distinct subspecies that is, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Sativa plants have a low CBD content and a high THC content. On the other hand, indica plants have higher CBD content and are low in THC. THC is the primary psychoactive ingredient in reefers, and CBD is non-psychoactive. Depending on the effects you desire to get, you can get a high-qualitysativa or indica strain from i49. You can also get a hybrid of these two subspecies.

4.Always bring your ID

One law that applies to all the states that have legalized marijuana is that you must be 21 to purchase cannabis and cannabis products. Even if you are middle-aged, you will usually be required to produce your identification card as stipulated by the law. Most dispensaries will ask you for your ID before you even enter the door, unlike in liquor or supermarkets where they ask to see your identification when you are about to pay.

The reason for this is marijuana products are openly displayed at the stores. If you are older than 18 but below the legal age, you can receive a medical marijuana card to obtain the products you need from your dispensary.

5.There are marijuana hybrids

The two marijuana subspecies are sometimes cross-bred to give hybrids that are half-sativa and half-indica. The hybrids can also have different percentages, which will make them either sativa-dominant or indica-dominant. Hybrids are mainly created to have chemical compositions which induce combination effects for the user.

6.Everyone reacts to weed differently

Finding the cannabis strain that suits your needs best will involve trial and error. Your body will react differently to each variety depending on your tolerance, overall health, medical conditions, and genetics. Recommendations from publications, friends, and dispensary employees are an excellent place to start. As you try the different strains, you will settle on the reefer that works best and meet your needs.

7.Medical marijuana is different from recreational marijuana

Medical marijuana is grown and bred to maximize the health benefits while dramatically reducing the psychoactive effects. Therefore, it has high CBD levels and low THC. On the other hand, recreational marijuana prioritizes giving users a “high”; hence it has high THC levels and low CBD levels. In case you want to purchase medical cannabis, you will need a registration card and a doctor’s recommendation.

As for recreational marijuana, anyone can buy as long as they are older than 21, which is the legal age of consumption, and live in a legalized state. You also have to purchase from a licensed dispensary. Some dispensaries specifically sell medical or recreational marijuana, but many have both.

8.Shopping around is important

Before you buy your weed, you will want to research online to get a clearer picture of the prices in your locality. That is because prices vary in each state and city because of factors like supply, demand, and taxes. The most prized high-quality strains will often cost high prices. However, remember that price is not an accurate indication of quality. Shopping around will help you set a budget and get your favorite strains at the best prices.

9.Consult your budtender

Your budtender is much like a sommelier. He or she is expected to have a lot of knowledge about the product they are selling to you. They should also be ready to answer your questions to help you make a more informed purchase.

Although your dispensary may have a casual atmosphere, your budtender is a professional. Therefore, trust them and pay attention to what they tell you about the different strains because they are experts and rich in knowledge.

Being equipped with knowledge before you do anything is vital in any industry. It will help you make better, more informed decisions, which is also the case for the marijuana industry. Follow these tips if you want a more enjoyable experience the next time you decide to go shopping.

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