How a Game of Scratch2Cash Can Bring You Easy Money

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If you are speculating the reason behind all the hoo-ha for the scratch card games, then allow us to put your mind at ease. The reasons are three-fold. 

  • To start with, it’s a game of pure luck, and it’s loaded with fun. The procedure involved in playing scratch card games is rudimentary. You don’t have to crack your brains in coming up with strategies. It’s also one of the games that can be enjoyed with family. Plus, the excitement with each move makes it a crowd favorite.
  • Next, the gameplay is swift, so it keeps you on your toes. The total period of the games can be counted within minutes. Online scratch card games can be played in a short time, so that makes it a perfect fit to be played during the short lunch breaks or coffee breaks, or while you are traveling. 
  • Electrifying themes, gone are the days of boring scratch cards, online scratch cards now come with exciting themes and interesting back story. There are graphics and background sound that matches the subject, giving you overall stimulating experience. 

So if you too desire to have fun while trying your luck and winning money, try out these scratch card games online.

Scratch card games to play and win easy money:

Mafia Syndicate:

Like the mysterious world of crime and law? The thrill of killing or getting killed?  This game is the scratch card version of the game “killer” we used to play as kids. 

There are basically nine cards that you have to choose from: and 7 characters.

  1. Boss: 
  2. Killer
  3. Armor 
  4. Gambler
  5. Bad girl 
  6. Snitch
  7. citizen

If you can find the boss card, you win a jackpot. The citizen card pays you back a percent of your bet. The gambler card either opens up the boss card for you or one safe card. If you select the bad girl card, then all the rest of your unopened cards are shuffled. The armor card makes you safe from the killer. Snitch card gives you an option to gamble at a high stake you get to choose a boss card from only two cards. And if you select the killer card, the game ends. Sounds adventurous, right? There is no real strategy involved, but it still keeps you on your toes.

Lucky Leprechaun

Remember the fairy tale? How the leprechaun has a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Similarly, in this online scratch card game, there is a pot of gold too.

It’s basically a straightforward game where you can’t die, and your chances of winning prices are very high.

The game format is of a typical 9 grid format. You have to match 3 symbols, and you win. All symbols have different values. The highest value is associated with the pot of gold. It’s a light-hearted game that is sure to leave a smile on your face.

Lost Vegas zombies scratch

Like the mystical characters and fantasy land?  Then this online game is for you.  The gameplay is smooth, classic match-three symbols win money format. The cash prize depends upon the signs you can match. The music and the background score, coupled with the ecstasy of suspense, makes it worthy of your time and money.

Space force

Want to live this world and go to the galaxy far- far away? It actually provides you with more options, and you can adjust your bet. First, select how many lines you want to play and decide your bet per. Then press the ‘Spin’ button. Match 3 identical symbols in a row to win the prize.

There are so many wonderful and fun scratch card games that you can play. We hope you enjoy our suggestions.

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