How Air Conditioner Protection Plan can Cover the Risk of Financial Loss

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With the mercury levels touching record highs during summer months, an air conditioner is no longer a luxury in Indian households. Like all electronic gadgets, your air conditioner is susceptible to damage and breakdowns. Air conditioners come with a warranty from the manufacturer. Such warranties are conditional and are provided for a limited duration of time – usually one year from the date of purchase.

Any damage or loss to your air conditioner after this period can cost you dearly in the form of repairs or replacement of expensive parts. Though you have the option of buying an extended warranty from the manufacturer, a better idea is to get enhanced protection by buying an air conditioner protection plan offered by many insurance companies in India. This plan will cover the financial losses that may arise due to damage or breakdown of your costly air conditioner.

There are several ways in which an air conditioner protection plan can benefit you:

Comprehensive Coverage

The manufacturer’s warranty on your air conditioner may cover some but not all probable risks. An AC insurance policy offers more comprehensive coverage, covering the cost of repair or replacement of the air conditioner due to loss, accidental damage, theft, burglary and fire.

Also, with an AC insurance policy, you can get a high sum assured for a reasonable premium amount. It is very cost-effective.

Longer Duration

The manufacturer’s warranty will give you protection only for a year from the date of purchase of the air conditioner. However, with an air conditioner protection plan, you can enjoy coverage for a longer duration, even after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Easy Application Process

AC insurance policy can be purchased online by logging in to the website of the insurance provider. The online form must be filled in and submitted. The premiums can be conveniently paid using your debit/credit card, mobile wallet, UPI, or any other online mode of payment.

Easy Claim Process

The claim process is extremely simple. In case of any loss/damage to the insured air conditioner, all you have to do is intimate the insurer within 24 hours of the incident. The customer service number of the insurer is available round the clock. The customer service representatives of the insurer will get in touch with you to help you out with the claim formalities.

Apart from the duly filled in claim form, the purchase invoice, the repairs bill and other relevant documents need to be submitted to the insurer for filing a claim. In case of a fire incident, the report from the fire brigade is required whereas, in case of theft or burglary, the FIR from the police station needs to be submitted.

Things to Remember when buying AC insurance cover

Age of the air conditioner

It is important to buy your ac insurance within a reasonable time of purchase. The reason being, the insurers generally do not issue a policy for an air conditioner if it’s more than a year old.


Every insurance policy comes with certain exclusions. For instance, any damage arising due to wear and tear fall outside the purview of an AC insurance policy. Loss or damage arising out of mishandling, negligence, misplacement and recklessness are also not covered by the policy.

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Insurers deduct a certain percentage from the claim amount at the time of making a claim pay-out. It is important to be aware of the deductible for each and every claim that you make since this amount needs to be borne by the policyholder.

An additional Tip

In case you’re planning to buy an air conditioner in the near future or if you’ve purchased an AC within a year, you can procure an Air Conditioner Insurance plan. This policy is a part of an interesting suite of pocket-friendly insurance products offered under the category of Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions.

These policies are designed to cater to the unique insurance requirements of the customers. These are short-term insurance products that can be availed by paying an affordable one-time premium.

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