How to Create Buyer Personas

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One of the best ways to increase your sales is by knowing your target customers or market. More so, you need to understand the needs and requirements of your target market so that you can give them exactly what they need – which means creating buyer personas. Buyer personas are just fictional persons representing your ideal customer. Here is how you can create them.


The most important part of the process of creating buyer personas is research. You need to track the customer success journey and gather accurate data that will be used to create the personas. You will only be able to create a realistic persona if you do a little research on your target audience. Also, this research will help you find some commonalities that will be helpful in creating the buyer persona.

Establish customer pain points

Customer pain points are those hassles and problems that customers face and try to solve. You can establish these by engaging in social listening or social media sentiment analysis. Again, you can also engage your customer support team to find out the most frequent questions asked by customers on a daily basis. Find out anything that troubles your customers and try to find a solution.

Focus your findings on the most common details

After conducting research, you will probably get tonnes of information and you can’t deal with all of it. You will need to focus on the most common answers or replies from your customers. For instance, if there is a problem affecting most of your customers, then this will be a key issue which you will need to address. Weeding through your research is critical.

Create separate personas

After weeding out your research, and narrowing down the common problems and challenges affecting your customers, you should now sort out the details into individual personas. This can be done by identifying customers with the same goals and challenges and grouping them categorically. For instance, if you are a fitness instructor, some of your customers may want to lose weight while others may want to gain.

Name your persona

The naming of personas is essential. This comes in handy, especiallywhen crafting personalized content. So when writingemails, you will always remember that you are interacting with a real person. Again, don’t just limit yourself to names alone – think outside the box. You can actually further personalize them by adding photos or images to represent each persona you have created.

Know how you can help

Research will help you pinpoint your customer’s goals and pain points. It is from this information that you should be able to determine how you can step in and help. At this point, you shouldn’t be thinking about your product’sfeatures, but the benefits you can bring to your customers. You need to look at things from the buyer’s perspective.

Buyer personas, if prepared well, will help you understand your customer’s goals, needs, and challenges so that you can provide solutions to these problems. However, you should understand that personas represent a percentage of your customers and not all of them.

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