Installation Guide for Your CJ7 Soft Top

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A CJ7 soft top is an excellent investment for your Jeep. Cruising the highway, heading to work or taking a family vacation are all the kinds of drives soft tops were made for. Whether you go for a sleek bikini top or a fully covered soft top, follow these installation steps and compare them with the specific steps for your type of CJ7 soft top.

Review Your Soft Top Style

There are many different soft top styles and brands to choose from. Many brands offer unique frame installation steps designed to save you time or improve the safety of your ride. Because of all these features, the following steps may slightly differ with your specific CJ7 soft top. Review the components and installation instructions for your chosen top before proceeding.

You also need to remove your old top. Most Jeeps run with a hard top in the winter and a soft one in the summer. Removing a hard top typically requires at least two people, so bring along a friend to safely lift off and store your hard top for the summer.

Install the Soft Top Frame

Once you’re familiar with your Jeep Wrangler soft top, it’s time to install the frame. These metal frame pieces provide protection in the event of an accident. They also secure the elements of your soft top to keep it on your Jeep at all times.

The frame locks in at your windshield and the rear runner. Most frames can lock in without any tools, but you may need a few hand tools to get it secured. Ensure your frame is fully locked into place before pulling out the soft top material.

Place the Soft Top Over the Frame

Soft tops are made of a blend of PVC and other materials. While it’s resistant to wear and tear, you should still use care when installing it. Improper handling during this step could cause your soft top to rip or become scratched before you get the chance to test it out.

Leave the windows to the side, but pick up the rest of the soft top fabric and put it in place. Carefully align it and straight it to ensure it fits properly around the metal frame.

Snap It Into Place

Connect the soft top to the frame using the included snaps. Check out the zippers and make sure they open and close safely. You may need to stretch the top to get it to around the frame, but take care not to pull it too hard.

Install Windows

The windows are the final installation step. Front windows have pins and grommets to connect them to your Jeep. This process can change if you have full steel doors, so review your setup before attempting to install the windows.

Prepare for a Thrilling Soft Top Ride

Take your CJ5 soft top for a test ride around the block before hitting the open road. Enjoy the full convertible experience or just lighten the load with a soft, flexible top for your favorite Jeep. Shop for tops and accessories today to make the most of your warm-weather rides.

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