The Benefits of Freight Shipping

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Freight transportation can also be called cargo transportation. You may have heard one of these terms before. Freight transportation are usually bulk items sent in a large metal or wooden containers. Freight shipping are cargo that are being shipped either by air, land or sea.  While each method is very important to the shipping and freight forwarding industry, one method of cargo transportation has always been the most beneficial and popular with shippers all over the world and it is ground freight shipping, which includes large freight truck, trucking, rail transportation, and shipping cargo by land on the whole.

There are several main reasons why this method of cargo transportation is so popular today.  Read on to learn more.  Firstly, ground freight shipping is usually the cheapest and most effective method of transportation.  Secondly, you can track the truck or other vehicle if you want. Finally, ground freight shipment is closely related to door to door delivery.

There is one more important thing about ground freight shipping is that this shipping method offers flexible transportation solutions that can be tailored to meet the client’s needs.  Here is an example – if you need to transport antiques or any other items, your options may include Full Truck Load (FTL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), Partial Truckload and Intermodal Freight shipping which combines road transportation with rail transportation.

Although ground freight shipping is not as fast as air transportation, it has many benefits.  This make it a preferred choice for many shippers.

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There are 2 types of freight shipping and they are :-

 Less-than-load (LTL) Freight Shipping – This option means that you do not require an entire vehicle to hold your items and only just some space within one. Typically LTL freight shipping quotes will be a lot cheaper because they do not require a company to specifically make a journey for you because they would be making it anyway.

Truckload Freight Shipping – This type of freight shipping service is required when you have many items that need to be shipped and will require a full vehicle to do so. This option is generally more expensive as it requires a freight shipping company to make a journey just for you.

What Is The Cost For Shipping Freight?

There are several factors to determine the cost of shipping freight:

Distance –  If international shipment is required, then it will definitely cost more compared to interstate flight.

Timings – The quicker you need your freight items to be delivered will also affect the price.  Expedite shipments will usually incur extra charges.

Size of Pallet – The size and weight of your cargo will have effect on the price.

Pickup Locations and Delivery – If the location for the pickup location is in a remote area, then the freight shipping company will have to travel a distance to get to your item or deliver your item.   This will affect the rate.

Time Of Year – Weather can also play a part for land, sea and air travel. Adverse weather conditions may make travel times slower which drive up the price.

Ready To Ship?

Getting an accurate, comprehensive freight shipping quote from an online shipping marketplace like Shiply is incredibly simple. Just fill out a simple form, provide the necessary information and get your shipping quotes via email.  Once you have compared the quotes, choose the one that best suits your requirement and get your next shipping job started right.  In only a few quick steps, you will have your shipping needs met at competitive prices.

Shipping freight is a common, stress-free method of transporting goods in bulk and is considered very cost-effective, safe, and secure shipping option.

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