The Science of The Free Gift and Why Your Business Should Use It

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There has been a marked rise in the number of companies who give out free gifts and samples. Rather than simply joining this bandwagon, it is essential to understand this process from a scientific point of view. This article aims to answer the often-asked question as to how exactly the free gift serves to drive marketing, brand awareness, and most of all, how it affects the customer and their brand allegiance.

How does the free gift work on the human brain?

Giving away free products, samples or vouchers is irresistible for customers. If your business is going to use it as a strategy, you need to know why ‘free’ is so in demand. The allure of the giveaway or free gift can be seen across the country as people are prepared to spend time queuing for a freebie or filling in forms and providing their details for the smallest of free giveaways. Customers who may not be prepared to provide their details for marketing and sales targeting will gladly do so for the chance to win a free gift or the latest new product for free.It is a psychological drive in that the human way of thinking is that as long as it is useful and free, then it’s worth having.It has been proven that the idea of getting something of value for nothing is a wonderful way for the customer themselves to feel valued.

However, there is a slight downside to the fact that the freebie or giveaway has become so common, in that, yes, although the human brain is still interested, there is a level of fatigue. Fatigue which is mainly aimed at the bundled sales pitches and free gifts linked to product purchases, are all deals that customers seem to be steering away from in modern times.Thus, the free gift, with absolutely no strings attached, no hidden costs, and no perceived and obvious benefit to the business, are the best ones. These types of gifts are customer-centric and yet will still serve the purpose of spreading the brand principles and name.

So, is it worth doing?

As long as the gift doesn’t detract from the brand and is perceived as useful and worthwhile for the customer, it is a useful exercise. Think of the expense as part and parcel of the marketing and advertising budget. One of the greatest examples is that of the free custom hats that have trended in summer across the country. If they are well made and professionally branded, they are the perfect freebie. They will present as a useful item of clothing for the customer and yet are a perfect vehicle for company brands and colors.

Final remarks

The free gift must be seen as more than just a sales gimmick and buzzword of the moment. It is more than a means of drawing extra customers into your store, whether that’s online or bricks and mortar, and will provide for a novel and interesting means of keeping your focus on the customer.

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