Vrindavan Temple Priests Suggest These Changes As 2 Die During Heavy Rush

Vrindavan’s Bankey Bihari sanctuary ministers said set number of lovers ought to be permitted inside the hallowed place at a time and the VIP nook ought to be eliminated.

Mathura: The quantity of fans inside Vrindavan’s Bankey Bihari sanctuary at a time should be limited while the VIP nook ought to be taken out, ministers at the hallowed place have expressed, days after two enthusiasts “choked to death” due to congestion.

Be that as it may, a previous leader of the sanctum’s administration board said either another greater sanctuary ought to be built and the divinity be moved there or the region around the hallowed place be created on the lines of the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor in Varanasi.

The ideas came as two enthusiasts were killed in early long periods of Saturday, with District Magistrate Navneet Singh Chahal saying “at first sight, the reason for death is suffocation because of a weighty rush at the ‘mangala aarti’ during the Krishna Janmashtami festivities.

Sanctuary minister Gaurav Goshwami said set number of lovers ought to be permitted inside the sanctum at a time and a boundary framework ought to set up external it to oversee swarm.

Another cleric, Gyanendra Goshwami, said the VIP nook ought to be taken out to make more space for aficionados inside the sanctuary.

He said gift boxes kept inside the sanctuary ought to be moved to a raised stage outside the sanctum, which will make the sanctuary extensive.

Mahesh Pathak, a previous leader of the Bankey Bihari sanctuary the board council, said the divinity ought to be moved to another greater sanctuary, for which the public authority ought to obtain land.

Arrangements for ministers, wreath dealers and leaving of vehicles ought to be made at the new area, he said.

He said the other choice is to redesign the sanctuary region on the lines of the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor by moving close by shops to different spots.

One more previous leader of the sanctuary the board council, KC Gaur, said the region of the current sanctuary might be expanded by utilizing land behind it.

Mr Gaur said before the arrangement couldn’t emerge as two retailers brought a stay request from the Allahabad High Court.

Soothsayer Uma Shakti Peethadhishwar Ramdeva Nand Maharaj dismissed redesigning the sanctuary, saying it would uproot one-fourth of Vrindavan.

The soothsayer said a long time back, he had recommended the development of a grand sanctuary more than 500 sections of land, with offices like parking spot, shops and space for clerics.

In the mean time, DM Navneet Singh Chahal expressed he alongside the SSP studied the region in and around the sanctuary, associated with clerics and altar the executives to “further develop issues of the sanctuary” and forestall any misfortune in future.


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