Why Fantasy Cricket Games are Preferred over Online Cricket Games

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Cricket is the most popular game in India by far. It is not just a game instead it is something that unifies the nation and rules every heart. From conventional radios to hi-tech smartphones, playing cricket has evolved immensely with time. But today is the time to play fantasy cricket. Providing players the opportunity to have intimate participation in the game, the popularity of fantasy cricket goes beyond being expressed in words. Fantasy cricket enables you to enjoy the game along with earning handsome returns. But there are online cricket games too. These are two same looking but two completely different platforms.


So let’s explore the differences between the two and find out why fantasy cricket is popular over online cricket.


1. Fantasy Cricket enables you Involve in the game more intensely like never before

The most basic difference between fantasy cricket and online cricket is how one gets involved in the game. Fantasy cricket provides you the opportunity to get involved in every single moment of the game. The experience that the fantasy games provide you is exceptional which is near to impossible with ordinary online cricket games. If you are the one eyeing on participating in fantasy leagues fantasy cricket tips are necessary to help you go a long way. Alternatively, in conventional online games, you do not need to pay much attention to gaming tips and strategies. Thus, fantasy cricket games provide you with a feel as if you on the field. 


2. Fantasy cricket involves Playing with Real-time Players

Unlike, conventional online cricket games fantasy cricket provides you everything real and live. You play with real-time players and your score depends upon their live performance. Every single move affects your performance. Moreover, in fantasy games, you create your own team with your preferred players which is like playing in a real-life game. Hence, fantasy cricket takes your passion for cricket a step ahead.


3. Fantasy cricket neither lags is nor affected by interruptions

Unlike online cricket games, fantasy cricket does not change as an impact of real-time interruptions. Additionally, it isn’t affected by any impending lags. However, in the case of online cricket games, the interruption is common which brings you inconvenience while playing.


4. Playing Fantasy Cricket provides you the opportunity to Earn Real Money

One of the best things about playing fantasy cricket is that it enables you to win real cash rewards. By simply putting your cricket knowledge to use you can earn real money. Also, withdrawing your winning amount after the match is easy. With fantasy cricket leagues you can double up your rewards and can sometimes even earn money in lakhs which is not possible with online cricket games. 


These are the reasons why fantasy cricket enjoys a good reputation for online cricket games. So get started and create your dream team to play real matches and earn real rewards. 

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