4 Reasons To Move Your Company’s IT To The Cloud

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Over the last decade or so, one sector of computing has completely transformed both how and where firms can operate their digital services. Through a combination of vastly quicker connection speeds (both fixed-line and mobile), plus better hardware, software and associated technologies, cloud computing is revolutionizing traditional IT and has allowed companies of all sizes and budgets to access the kind of server tech that would previously have been the preserve of only much richer companies.

How cloud technology is leveling the playing field

In the not-so-distant past, firms looking to take advantage of the benefits brought by IT had to invest in costly server equipment, run in-house on internal networks. Not only was the price of this tech prohibitively expensive for many businesses, the problems didn’t just end there – companies then had to set up and design networks plus also pay for computer specialists to keep their digital services up and running.

With cloud tech, these expenses and responsibilities are largely offloaded onto the cloud provision firm rather than being shouldered by the commissioning company. Outsourcing your IT to a professional cloud company will allow you all the benefits of access to bleeding-edge tech and support without the headaches or costs. This has meant that companies of all sizes have been granted access to the very best computing tech at a fraction of the cost.

Also, cloud companies have a vested interest in investing in the best tech available – as this is often one of the primary factors in whether a client will choose one cloud provider over another. For example, companies like avepoint.com spend considerable funds to ensure they run the best hardware and software –plus helping with migrations – and are all backed up by the best technicians and support specialists.

Other advantages of cloud computing

If you’re still sitting on the fence trying to decide if outsourcing your digital services to a cloud company could make sense for your firm, below are just a few more compelling reasons that might help you decide:

  1. Cloud computing is affordable: When compared to the costs of running a traditional IT network, cloud computing offers a much higher Return on Investment (ROI).
  2. Cloud computing will change how you work: A cloud network is only part of the story. By installing collaborative cloud software, you’ll empower your workers to perform their roles from any location where they can find an internet connection. With the rise of home and remote-working brought about by the recent Coronavirus, this extended network will help future-proof your company while also offering your team the greater flexibility offered by working from wherever they choose.
  3. Cloud computing is secure: Cloud computing companies invest considerably in their tech and support staff to ensure your files have the highest level of security. Moreover, should the worst happen and you somehow suffer a data breach, most cloud companies make regular backups that can be reinstalled in seconds.
  4. Cloud computing comes with 24/7/365 support: If a traditional IT network fails or becomes compromised for whatever reason, you’ll likely need to enlist the support of a specialist to get you back up and running – incurring all the downtime and delays inherent in your team not being able to work. With a cloud provider, you’ll have access to pro-grade support, 24/7/365.

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