5 Strategies to Prepare for Your JEEMains Exam

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Different students have their different manners of studying. They have their different strategies, designs and preferences.  No matter how intelligent you are or how experienced you think you are; you should always work on the path of your preparation.  If you do not work on your preparation properly,  you cannot ace at JEE exam.

In case you are preparing for JEE advanced test then you need to be quite particular about your preparation. You cannot randomly choose topics, adjust study hours, or follow material or books. In case you are on the right pattern, you can make the utmost of your time for your exam. In this post, you will learn about 5 strategies to prepare for JEE exam in the best manner.

  1. Join a Course

Since these days there is a lot of competition and pressure, you should not miss out on the options that can help you prepare in the best manner. You should join up a course on professional educational platforms like Mypat that can help you prepare for your exam in the best manner. The point is simple, when you join a course, you start from the scratch.

Moreover, the professionals in the course ensure that you understand the pattern, format, types of questions that are asked in the test ad overall syllabus. The professionals will start teaching you in a methodological  manner.  Now, in a JEE course, the professionals who will teach you are going to be expert, experience and effective. They will not just guide you throughout your preparation but also ensure that you do not have any doubts. Hence, once you have experts on your side, you will not miss out on any important areas of your preparation.

  1. Work on Your Time management

No matter what your intelligence level is or how refined you are at preparing, you need to make a time management. It is the biggest problem with many of the aspirants. You require to keep next day planned before you hit the sack and set targets for the week.

Moreover, you may include hourly deadlines for revision, homework, breaks, exam dates and even your weekly targets. Once you have a pattern of timing, you are going to be able to perform in a much more effective manner. In case you are taking coaching or have joined a course, include that in your timing too. The more you work on your time management during your preparation for JEE test, the better you can prepare.

  1. Stay curious

You should have a curious mind and should ask questions whenever you are walking through a particular theory. You must be in a position to question each concept you are reading to get a better understanding of every single concept. Questioning concepts are going to help you expand and stretch your understanding and will, hence help you solve varied types of twisted questions that are based on the same theory.

You know what, you can never solve any random type of questions if you are only simply mugging up the theories and concepts. You need to stay curious about your preparation and understanding of concepts. Once you are curious, you are always ready to question the different aspects of concepts you study for JEE test. Hence, the more you explore because of your curiosity, the better you enhance your knowledge.

  1. Proper Revision is a must

Aspirants mostly either revise too much or they don’t do any type of revision at all. Being an aspirant, when you are done with a chapter, make sure that you revise it systematically and religiously but don’t spend more than two and three hours on the revision. Intensify your revision by solving myriad of practice questions on the topic or concept from reference books instead. This will help you understand the concepts you have just studied immediately. The concepts and topics are going to be clear to you and you would be able to act in a better way.

Moreover, if you cannot do revision daily or every other day, it is okay. The underlying thing is that you should do some sort of revision every week or month. Of course, once you do proper revision from time to time, you can be sure that whatever you fed in your mind, you are clear about it. There will not develop any confusions in your mind. For example, what is the point if you studied all the chapters so well but after two months, wen your JEE test is nearing and you read your concepts, you find the topics alien? Such a thing will certainly break your heart. So, if you would have done proper revision from time to time, you might not have experienced confusions. After all, the bottom line is to have clarity about all the topics that you have read and not just keeping them in your mind in a concoction.

  1. Mock tests

To do practice at home is the most effective, proper,and efficient way when you examine yourself at regular intervals. Now, the point is how to make the most from the mock papers. The simple mistake made by most of the aspirants is they never review what they have actually solved.  You must spend at least six seven hours to review your procedure. If you are taking mock tests, make sure that you spend some time at reviewing all your performance. When you see what you have done in the test, you would get to understand about where you need to work harder.

Moreover, when you take mock tests, you will get to solve so many questions back to back. Solving so many questions will help you in following ways:

  • Your stamina for solving different questions will improve significantly.
  • You will become confident about your preparation
  • You will know about where you lack and what your strong areas are.
  • You will understand about the questions that have been repeatedly set in the exam.


So, once you follow all these five strategies to prepare for your JEE test, you can pass it with flying colours.

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