Explore What You Should Know About HTML to WordPress Conversion

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The credit goes to today’s advanced technologies and web design agency that simplified the overall process of website development by reducing the efforts of developers. Today, developers can enjoy the flexibility of using many cutting-edge tools and various other technologies to perform even complex tasks of web development in the easiest way.

A large number of people who are blessed with a static website are now seeking to migrate to the new platform to harness the benefits of cutting-edge technologies. These website owners of late look for incorporating those of flexible content management tools, modern features and also advanced functionalities into their websites.

If we talk about some of the most demanding website development platforms in today’s time, then WordPress comes first. Apart from having robust features, WordPress is the most appropriate CMS that lets developers code a wide variety of websites, ranging from a simple blogging website or the complicated one blessed with a large number of cutting-edge features.

And this is the reason why the majority of entrepreneurs nowadays are seeking to migrate their existing business website to the WordPress platform.

So, if you are also blessed with a website developed on the HTML platform and seeking to migrate it to WordPress, you are in the right place to explore necessary information in this regard.

We are going to discuss here the simple way to convert an HTML website to WordPress. Let’s explore here more details about the process.

Important Elements for HTML to WordPress Conversion

Take a look at certain important elements that are required for HTML to WordPress conversion.

  • SEO URLs
  • Metadata
  • Images
  • Attachments
  • Pages/Boosts
  • SEO Tags
  • 301 Redirects

Steps to Follow to Convert your HTML Website to WordPress

It is important to get in touch with a reliable company blessed with a team of WordPress developers to accomplish this job with proficiency. Take a glimpse of all these steps.

In the first step, you need to download the plugin with the easiest process.

Once you downloaded your plugin, you need to then upload your plugin and perform the installation work.

In the next step, you need to activate your plugin.

Once accomplishing the above steps, it is now crucial to register for using the plugin. If you are already registered then you can simply log in to start the next process.

Now the next step is to get your existing HTML website’s URL.

All you need to do is now migrate every page of your old website to the new platform at once no matter which order you opt for.

It is advisable to use the appropriate tool for performing your migration task successfully. It’s good to make a selection of free demo migration tools, which bring possibilities for users to view the complete movement. It provides a complete preview in terms of how the website will appear after the completion of the migration process. Besides, you can also get the option to edit or make necessary changes that are indeed not up to linking.

You always need to keep in mind the important thing that the average migration time of converting a website is around 15 minutes. But, this is not constant. It tends to vary.


Once you have made the right selection of the right content that you wish to migrate, it’s important for you to decide how it appears and also on the new WordPress website.

If we talk about data migration cost, it is something that generally depends on the volume of data that one decides to move.

While initiating the entire process of migration from your old website platform to WordPress, it is indeed highly important to keep in mind that posts and images are generally considered the same thing.

The aforementioned steps are the easiest process to convert an HTML website to WordPress. And a large number of companies follow these steps to assist their clients with the desired solutions.

Even when you get in touch with a reputed WordPress SEO consultant, they will advise you for the same and help your existing website be more business-centric and purpose-driven.


So, above are certain important facts related to HTML to WordPress conversion. If you also own an HTML-powered business website and are seeking to convert it into WordPress, you need to convert HTML to WordPress. 

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