How To Spend Your Weekends During Lockdown In Your PG In Hyderabad?

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There are many people who are stuck in their PGs in Hyderabad due to the ongoing pandemic and for them, staying far from family with limited opportunity to go out might already be very difficult to cope with. In the wake of the progressing health emergency and lockdown, a regular weekend can end up with complete boredom. While we strictly advise against stepping out unless absolutely necessary, we believe it’s equally important for your peace and mental health that weekends don’t become a drag.

So, here are some of the things that you can do to enjoy your weekends while staying in your PG in Hyderabad during the lockdown period:

Pursue a Hobby

It is often said that we have the potential to live two lives – one which we actually live and the other, where our talents and imagination abound. Sometimes, when these two lives overlap, the magical moments created, can give us much peace and happiness. So, if you have a side pursuit that you like, a hobby that you only explore occasionally, or even want to create a new hustle – this is the time to unleash those. Some of us write or paint, others try their hand at culinary experiments, some are interested in photography and video making, others have a great eye for design – whatever be your hobby, keeping some dedicated time on the weekend is a good idea. Not only would these create a welcome diversion, but also help you enhance your skill sets. Who knows, tomorrow, if you become really good at them, you can even monetize these interests.

So why not do away with your weekend blues with some creative activities?

Connect with your Loved Ones

Today most working individuals say that they don’t get sufficient time to connect with relatives and friends, while they work for extended periods of time in their workplaces. The weekends were just the ideal occasions when you could reconnect with them. Well if the physical meet-ups are now deferred indefinitely as you can’t step out from home, virtual hangouts aren’t a bad alternative. From calling select people to getting the whole family together, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, etc can be your new family date platforms. If you are living in a managed accommodation like Stanza Living, it gives you added advantage for some fun family time because of the fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity. With the enterprise-grade internet, you won’t have to worry about speed, bandwidth issues, jittery video calls, etc that usually ruin the experience. You could even plan a dinner hangout with your friends.

Focus on Health and Relaxation

Be it drowning yourself in a good book that can take away the blues or getting your home-workout game on, weekends should be all about energizing yourself for the week ahead. You can curl up in your room with a good read or utilize a peaceful nook in your building to finish that book you’ve been long postponing. How about creating a book club with housemates, organizing virtual or socially-distanced meet-ups, and even swapping recommendations? Similarly, you can utilize the weekends to focus on staying healthy. While gyms and parks may be out of bounds, you can find some great spots within your managed accommodation for some quiet workout time. Group sessions in the gym might be a strict no-no, but nothing is stopping you from joining virtual workouts with housemates and cheering each other on.  And if you want another great idea to relax, how about creating your own spa? Even if salon visits are impossible, self-pampering can continue with beauty therapy.

So even if you are stuck in your Hostel in Hyderabad or anywhere in India, you have a host of options to make your weekend fun and relaxing. All you need is a little creativity! You also have the option of choosing one of the professionally managed properties from operators like Stanza Living and let them take care of your boredom with an exciting lineup of fun initiatives, activities, and community events, all conducted online for now to address the need of the hour, social distancing.

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