Modern Living Room Ideas You Definitely Would Want to Try

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The living room is the social space of your house. You perform various activities here starting from receiving your guests, spending time with family to watching TV, and spending some alone time. Hence, each and every element present in your living room should be very well-planned. Make sure that it is comfortable, cosy, and makes your guests feel invited. Also, you have to make it functional and well-designed. If are struggling to create  the perfect modern living room design, here are a few modern living room ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 07 Opt for a minimalistic option

In a minimalistic modern luxury modern living room design, you will notice straight lines and a neutral colour scheme. They mainly feature a running color scheme across almost all the elements in the living room including the walls, furniture pieces, artwork, and lighting. However, if you find the minimalist option too boring, you can consider introducing an accent piece. There are various options that you can opt for like a painting, or sculptural that complements the overall appeal of the minimalistic living room design.

02 of 07 Create a bohemian decor

Many people love to create bohemian-themed decor for their living room interiors. This is because, in these modern living room designs, you can add colours as per your choice. If you want a colourful look, you can use lots of colours. On the other hand, you can add only a handful of colours if you prefer a muted home design. Another prominent feature of Bohemian decor is that it features lots of textures, especially ethnic weaves. You can display velvet and suede for a more luxe appeal. Do not leave out the furniture pieces. Choose striped furniture pieces to complement the overall look. If you want to go bolder, you can introduce statement painting in the living room design.

03 of 07 Mid-century modernism

This is a beautiful modern luxury modern living room design that features furniture and art from the 50s. People loved the intricate woodwork and metalwork that gave the interiors a great lux and opulent look and added more to the visual interest. To create a stunning mid-century modern living room design, choose a sofa with wide seats and a large backrest. For additional seating space, you can use pouffes. They are once again getting back in fashion. Although you can consider experimenting with the colours in the room, make sure you add a few metal accents to complete the mid-century modern living room design.

04 of 07 Create a rustic living room decor

If you want to create an eco-friendly living room design, you can consider creating a rustic living room design. A rustic living room design will look incredibly stylish if you can do it properly. There are a few key things you have to keep in mind if you want to create a rustic living room. To begin with, you will have to add wood accents, cosy textiles, neutral colors, and soft furnishings. When you combine them with a few modern decor elements, you will be able to create a beautiful rustic living room design with a touch of modernism.

05 of 07 Choose a tropical theme

Tropical-themed modern living room designs have become extremely popular in recent times. People across all generations are finding this living room design quite interesting and appealing. Thankfully, you do not have to put in a lot of effort to make a tropical-themed living room. Choose colours like beige, creams, peaches, etc. for your furniture pieces and rugs. Also, make sure that your rug features lots of textures. A plush rug can add a very luxe feel to any space. You can add neon-coloured items to the setup as well.

06 of 07 Create transitional designs

You can choose any design for your living room but you have to ensure that the space is perfectly comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable, the room will not be of much value to you despite its design. To give the living room a transitional look, you can opt for a very basic neutral colour scheme and some great modern-looking furniture pieces. If you want to give the interiors a more interesting look without making a lot of changes, you can always add an accent pop of colours.

07 of 07 A dramatic living room

If you want to create a dramatic living room, create a beautiful monochromatic living room. Use geometric wallpapers to add more visual interest to the walls. Adding metallic touches to this setup can further enliven the overall appeal. Get a contemporary velvet couch that complements the look of your living room.


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