Why There’s A Crack On Your Ceiling

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As your home grows old, it is normal for cracks to develop in the ceiling. It can especially happen if there is a lack of maintenance. Depending on the size of the crack, it may or may not be a big problem. Either way, it would be logical to hire one of the top companies for ceiling repair and get your ceiling fixed. While it is often possible to repair the crack yourself, that isn’t really the best option. 

How do ceilings crack?

The first sight of a crack in your ceiling may seem like a cause of concern. However, the severity of the issue depends a lot on its origin. A number of problems can result in ceiling cracks, such as:

  • Heavy weight: Your ceiling could crack if the floor above it is too heavy. For instance, a bathtub in a bathroom above the ceiling or a heavy item in the attic can result in more load than the ceiling can bear. One of the easiest ways to prevent it is to have a support column under the area. 

  • Moisture damage: Moisture can cause severe damage to your ceiling, weakening it and causing it to crack. Water from the floor above or the roof can seep through the ceiling below. You would have to fix the ceiling and the leaky floor immediately to prevent the situation from worsening. 

  • Structural damage: Often, severe structural damage or foundational problems can cause a ceiling to crack. Especially if you notice that the cracks run from the ceiling and continue down a wall, it is most likely a result of foundational issues. You should hire a professional immediately, as such severe damages can easily result in hazards. 

  • Drywall problems: If the person who installed the drywall failed to do it properly, it might start cracking. It is one of the reasons why you should hire reputed gyprockers Sydney to work on a drywall. 

If you are unsure about the cause of the crack, it is wise to hire a professional team and let them have a look. 

Can you fix a cracked ceiling by yourself?

Whether a DIY repair would be effective depends on the cause and the extent of the damage. If the crack results from structural damage, there isn’t much that you can do about it. However, if it is mainly a cosmetic problem with a small crack, you could try to plaster it yourself. Do keep in mind that you would need proper equipment and protective gear for the job. 

What makes it better to hire professionals?

Even if the crack on your ceiling seems like a minor issue, it would be wiser to hire professionals. Experienced plasterer near me and gyprockers would know the right way to repair your ceiling to prevent it from cracking again soon. As long as you hire one of the leading companies, you may also expect them to use high-quality plaster of gyprock. Professional services would save you a lot of hassle and enable you to enjoy your peace of mind. 

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