The Next Big Things In The Best Smart Tvs

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Will Smart TVs become even thinner in the future?

The answer should be yes, The future of the best smart TVs in India is
heading thinner and robust in their structural aspect. The evolution of flat TVs has
traveled so far that the thickness of the entire TV is has become less than 5cm. The
future of the smart TVs is about OLED that the breadth of the display panel has been
reduced to just 1cm.

Will TVs get Built-in SAT network receivers?

Well the answer could be “NO” because the size of the sat network
receiver is not small as you have expected, the receiver is almost equal in size to a
spacesuit helmet so it is impossible to have or get a sat network receiver built-in from
a TV and the receiver do have a box and cable connection for which the space inside a
TV will not be sufficient. Technically the next best thing we can expect is OTT or
OTT such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar

Will LED TVs get higher gaming capability?

“Hell yes!” Best Smart TVs in India are getting the higher capability of
Gaming experience. In fact it is already in the market by the name Ridaex ARYA 1
with Amlogic S905X3, Quadcore 1.91GHz processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM and 32GB
Internal storage, Well it is more than enough to play any kind of games that we usually
play on our android devices.

Will TVs get a flexible structure?

The answer could be yes but not very soon because the researches are still
under process and once after the production of the prototype it has to go under tuns of
testing so that it should prove that it is capable of providing the same or even better
experience as that of static displays. A lot of durability tests will also be done in order
to bring this to market

Will TVs replace your deskytop?

“NO”, Desktops are used for work purposes while the TVs are used for
entertainment purposes and that have a large screen which is to be viewed from a
long-distance whereas the desktops are viewed from a short distance. Both electronic
devices serve a different purpose that TV is used for entertainment purposes and
desktop is used for work purposes. But on the other hand TVs can also be used for
work purposes where a long-distance view is required.

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