The reasons why fantasy cricket app is deemed to be the perfect one to an investor

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Cricket is not a religion, but trust me most Indians consider it to as a form of religion. They are going to let their lives revolve around it, worship the favorite stars and for them, cricketers are gods and make it no mistake. The cricketers are not superficial fans as they have immense knowledge about the sport is concerned. For this reason, fantasy cricket play has come into prominence. For this reason, cricket-based apps have gone on to emerge as it provides a platform for the experts to showcase their talent.

At an initial level, the fantasy-based games were considered an apt one would be for someone who had a love for this game. The apps went on to generate a passionate and huge database. More or less they are going to provide you vital insights on how to play fantasy cricket. Once a match is taking place, relying on the current set of knowledge, current form and placed the inset of players as they have a respective side of 11 players. Considering the form of the players you are awarded points. Fantasy-based games are played by people all around the world. By the time a game ends, you go on to calculate the scores and a person who has the highest points goes on to win.

A perfect opportunity for fantasy-based cricket apps

Cricket is one of the admired sports in the country and is a multi-billion dollar game. In the age group of 16 to 69 years there nearly one billion global fans, who have a love for this sport. Alarm statistics is that nearly 90 % of the masses are from India.

On close observation when it boils down to fantasy cricket there are around 20 billion users. In fact, the figure is expected to rise in the coming few days. As per estimates available by the year 2021 the figure is expected to cross 200 billion. Apart from this rather than the one day cricket and test games, one of the popular versions of the game is T 20. Being a short form of game it has gone on to generate a lot of interest among the users. In spite of all this when England plays cricket there are a number of users who are logged on to the game.

Another notable feature is that these games are not only finding a lot of takers in India but also all around the world. Nearly 70 % of the users are part of the games and it is all the more so with mobile-based games. With interest in this form of games on the rise more and more users are joining this app-based platform and at the same time, there is a potential for new markets to be developed.

Now let us explore the reasons why you need to be investing in fantasy based apps

Less competition

There is an age-old saying that an early bird goes on to catch the first worm. Since you rate fantasy-based cricket to be a novel concept, it has to be stated that the competition in this domain is not that high. If you keep on pondering for long this is going to increase the number of players in this market and chances are you could be losing out on the worm. To launch early can help you capture a major chunk of fans as you are not expected to face a lot of competition early on.

A lot of scope in terms of improvement

If you launch your app at the last moment it can put you in a difficult situation. You are never going to know when bugs might arrive or some changes have to be made to your app. If you launch your app early there is always a scope for improvement in the event of making any changes. In the midst of this, a seamless experience is provided. To get things right on your first attempt is not an easy task. Make it a point that you have sufficient time at your end in order to sort out things.

Plenty of opportunities

With each passing day, the number of tournaments that are taking place is on the rise. Be it ICC tournaments or the cash strapped leagues the number is on the high. This provides an apt opportunity to be part of fantasy-based cricket. Not only you can watch the game but you can play fantasy cricket game at the same time. In the days to come do expect a steady flow of cricket tournaments. If you start early not only you can tap on to the Indian audience but even the crowd from other countries of the world.

An open crowd

It is not only cricket but there are other games that are part of the app which has an immense following. For example, soccer is a sport that comes to the mind in a split second. The country does not participate in football but still, there are nearly 300 million football fans in the country. Pretty much like cricket, a major chunk of the sportspeople is going to make a major chunk of the audience. Your aim has to be in including as many games as possible.

A legal option

The game of fantasy cricket is considered to be perfectly legal. You cannot consider it as a form of gambling or even betting as it is a game of skill as fantasy cricket works out to be legal. For this reason, various fans are known to be attracted towards the game.

By now you might be aware of the reasons why you need to be investing in fantasy cricket. Now, are you looking for more reasons? If you get into the details you will be able to figure out the app is famous for a lot of reasons. Just you have to be taking that leap

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