Which is better? ICSE or CBSE?

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Let’s look at everything point wise to know which is better in terms of what 

  1. Range of subjects- the range of subjects that are covered by ICSE is extremely huge. ICSE offers numerous languages like English and Hindi and apart from that of Telegu, Kanada, Tamil, etc. ICSE also has interesting subjects like Agriculture, Home Science, Cookery and Fashion Design for children with a creative edge. ICSE syllabuses are your very best option if you want to be s visual artist, athlete or scientist or even an all-rounder.
  2. The Grading System for the CBSE board is Alphabetical based. Given for ICSE, the marks are mostly shown in numbers after solving 9th class maths study material,  which gives a very clear idea to numerous students as to how much the students have actually gotten in the subjects. 
  3. Private candidates and regular candidates. Students who don’t belong to different CBSE affiliated schools or are non-regular candidates, they become eligible to appear for the CBSE school exams. But it isn’t the same for ICSE. Students have to be only from ICSE affiliated schools to appear to the ICSE board exams. 
  4. The medium of instruction in schools- CBSE gives instructions in Hindi and English but ICSE follows a strict rule of only English. 

ICSE or CBSE, the major differences

The style of Teaching

Both the given boards have actually understood the importance of learning things in an active manner. ICSE and CBSE now follow their approach to teach the generation after them in a way that is right. Over the past years, the style of teaching in both the boards have changed. Both are trying to implement a methodology of teaching where students can learn with the help of experimentation and experience instead of going the rote learning way. 

When we look at India, we see how so many parents feel that the CBSE education standards are not up to Power with what ICSE is offering.

The CBSE board actually needs to improve the way they teach overall when compared to ICSE. 

ICSE prefers an in-depth study of English and English Literature. The ICSE board is supposed to be the board that is more flexible. It is true that both of these boards are recognized by almost all universities and colleges. Yet, even after all this, the CBSE curriculum has let go of the opportunity to provide students with the kind of academic freedom that is required by students. 

The Pros and Cons of the CBSE board. 

Most of the competitive exams out there like NEET or JEE main are based almost entirely on the CBSE Board syllabus. If you look closely, you’ll find out that the syllabus of the CBSE board is actually much easier when compared to the ICSE board syllabus. This is because the syllabus in totality comprises of a very compact structure and subjects that are less in number. The subjects that are secondary in nature are not mandatory. Different subjects like Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are further categorized under the realm of History and Science along with maths worksheets for class 9 CBSE. Social science includes Geography and History. There are more CBSE schools in the country so in case your parents feel the need to transfer to another city altogether then you must take CBSE. The CBSE syllabus lays much more importance on subjects like mathematics and science. 

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