Why Are So Many Businesses Using the Cloud?

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Cloud computing has long been a popular term, not just in tech circles but in the business world, too. Over the past few years many businesses have chosen to ditch their physical hardware in favor of a cloud computing solution, but why? What are the benefits of cloud computing for business and what does the term cloud computing actually mean? This guide is here to help you learn everything you need to know about cloud computing.

What Is the Cloud?

The term ‘the cloud’, is used to describe a set of servers that are accessible via the internet and that run a set of software and databases. The data centers that run these servers can be located anywhere around the world. Essentially, the cloud is a set of servers that can deliver several different services to a business or individual over the internet from any location. The term the cloud allegedly started as industry slang, but the name stuck.

Why Is Cloud Computing So Popular?

The first cloud computing solution dates back to the 1990s, but in the last few years, there has been a boom in the popularity of the cloud, with many businesses moving towards using cloud computing. As Online Computers outlines, there are many reasons why businesses might choose to move towards a cloud computing model. Some of the reasons why cloud computing can offer such value to businesses are listed below.

  1. Disaster Recovery Solutions

Whether it is a result of human error or a natural disaster, the loss of computing power and important data can be devastating. Cloud computing services offer businesses an increased level of security due to the disaster recovery services included in a cloud computing package.

  1. Access to Updates

Cloud computing does not rely on on-site hardware, which means that it is a highly flexible solution. Another company managing the data provides the customer with automatic access to valuable software updates. This means that you don’t have to waste time or money installing updates on physical hardware, as the cloud is automatically updated.

  1. Collaboration Potential

The cloud allows many different parties to create, edit and share documents from any location. This facilitates a high level of collaboration and communication, in turn increasing productivity. This helps businesses to cultivate the culture of open, free-flowing communicating that has been found to be so vital for long-term success and innovation.

  1. Remote Working

Over the past year, more businesses have discovered the benefits of operating a remote working model, finding that it reduces costs and boosts productivity levels. This has led many businesses to adopt a remote working model long-term. Since cloud computing allows authorized parties to access information from any location, it is a vital tool for any organization that operates with a remote working model.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Solution

The last few years have seen a shift in consumer perceptions, with sustainability suddenly becoming a high priority for many consumers. Cloud computing allows businesses to become more environmentally friendly because of the flexibility it allows. Your cloud computing solution can be scaled to reflect your fluctuating needs. This means that you only use the energy that you need to, help you to reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

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