How Do I Start a Cloud Career

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Cloud computing refers to the products and services provided over the internet. Mainly computing services such as servers, storage databases, software, analytics, networking, and artificial intelligence over the internet, etc., are provided by cloud computing. Cloud computing has become popular among organizations because it reduces your operating cost up to a great extent. It saves the organization money by spending their money on large storage devices.    

Mainly it is used for the purposes of data backup, disaster recovery, software development, software testing, email, big data analytics, etc. Cloud computing has gained popularity in sectors such as information technology, healthcare, finance, etc. Moreover, reputed firms have even started offering cloud computing certification programs to help employees become familiar with the technology. According to research, the cloud computing industry will grow from $371.4 billion in 2020 to $832.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 17.5%. This shows that companies all over the world are investing in cloud services and putting their best efforts to provide convenient cloud solutions. 

Let us know why you should start a career in cloud computing and what steps you can take to do so. 

Reasons to Start a Career in Cloud Computing

  1.   High demand for cloud professionals

Since cloud computing is not a very old technology, many organizations are still putting efforts to settle into cloud computing services. All these processes require certified professionals to do the job well. So this shows that the demand for cloud professionals is expecting to grow in the upcoming future. As such, taking up a career in cloud computing will definitely be a worthwhile option.

  1.   Provides  you better earnings  

The certifications of cloud computing are known to improve your salary packages, thus providing you with wonderful opportunities. According to Forbes, the salary of professionals with AWS certified solutions architect certification have a potential annual salary of $125,971. 

  1.   Job opportunities

Since the job industry still lacks the supply of skilled professionals in cloud computing, the companies are in a continuous search of these professionals. So it might turn out a wonderful opportunity for you if you take your career path in it.

  1.   Helps you win the trust of the reputed organizations

Certifications are an important way to prove your skills to employers and clients. What happens is that the certification makes sure that you have all the understanding of the required topic. And also, you must have qualified for the necessary exams and other prerequisites to becoming a professional. So this helps employers and clients to trust your abilities in cloud computing. Take a step and utilize your precious time in getting cloud computing skills.

  1.   Better recruitment 

If you are a fresh graduate or a professional willing to switch their career in cloud computing, then taking up a course in cloud computing can actually boost your career. It will help you get noticed among top hiring companies that may actually give you wonderful opportunities. What’s best is that you may get more projects in your future which will thus give you a wonderful experience.

Popular companies hiring cloud professionals

 Some of the popular companies that hire cloud professionals are listed below

  1.       Deloitte consulting
  2.       HCL technologies
  3.       Google
  4.       Phillips

Also, according to payscale, the average salary of a certified cloud professional is ₹1,257,557

The job roles in cloud computing are listed below:

  • Cloud security engineer
  • Systems engineer (cloud)
  • Cloud developer
  • Cloud architect
  • Network Engineer(cloud)
  • Cloud engineer
  • Cloud systems operation administrator
  • Cloud product manager
  • Cloud automation engineer

Steps to Start a Cloud Computing Career

  1.   Awareness of cloud technology and platforms

There are some of the popular cloud technology service providers that are known to make the operations of the company easier and faster. Google cloud platform, Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure are the popular ones. So the initial step is to dive deeper into all of these platforms and understand what all benefits it gives. After all, these are the platforms that are to be worked upon as a professional.


  1.   Cloud computing fundamentals

After you have got the awareness of cloud platforms, now is the time to understand how important they are and the foundations behind them. You must be familiar with several topics such as cloud service models, cloud formation and architecture, deployment models, virtualization, and cloud computing. Along with these topics, you also need to know where these cloud services are mostly used.  Some of the areas are software as a service, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, Functions as a service

  1.   Work on other associated skills

No matter what technical skills and trends a professional has to learn, there still lies some of the prerequisites that should be known. So the programming languages such as python, R and query languages such as SQL, XML, etc. are required. Also, the computer networks, database management systems, Web services and API, operating systems, machine learning, etc., are worth learning up to the mark.

  1.   Enroll in courses

After you have practiced all the basics and the prerequisites, it’s time for you to upgrade your skill set to an advanced level. For that, you must enroll yourself in online training courses that are specially designed keeping in mind the industry standards. Before enrolling, make sure that you enroll in any one of the trending cloud services (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS). It will definitely be beneficial for you to get trained in the latest technology. These courses are also led by industry experts who will make it better for you to get exposure to real-life challenges.

  1.   Earn relevant certifications

Certification provides you with a competitive edge in your career. Be it top organizations or your clients, it will definitely showcase your expertise in a particular subject. So some of the popular certifications for cloud computing are AWS certification, Azure certification, Google cloud certification. So check out your career requirements and obtain these certifications.

Wrap up

So far, we have understood the importance of cloud computing and its benefits to different areas of the industry. In this era of digitalization, if you are a tech aspirant, make sure you aren’t left behind. The cloud computing courses and certification will train you in an excellent way and make sure you fit in the industry standards. Take a step ahead and make cloud technology your next career path.

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