How To Purchase The Best Bridal Jewellery At Best Prices

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Wedding jewellery is one of the most priced possession for any girl. It is something that she holds dear and always has special memories attached to it. However, despite, the high emotional value it holds, it also brings along with it a high bill value as well. Wedding is one life event when wallets are let loose and parents do not think twice before swiping the credit card. This is why it becomes all the more necessary to be able to get the best deals whenever possible.

We understand cutting corners while investing in wedding jewellery might not be the most ideal thing to do but if done correctly then it saves up on a large amount of money while also ensuring that you get the jewellery you had always wanted. Keeping this in mind we have listed down some tips and tricks that you can make use of when it is time for you to select your wedding jewellery.

  • Make use of the existing gold in your family locker – coming from an Indian family means your parents have been saving up for your wedding day from the moment you were born. It also means you have come across some gold items like big fat rings or an ugly chain which you know you will not wear. Your wedding is the perfect time to make use of them by either melting it, selling it or getting some new jewellery made out of it. It is best to have one jewellery item that you know you will wear instead of ten items that you know you will never touch.
  • Space out your purchases – be smart and stagger your purchases, whether it is an online gold coin purchase or the main necklace set for your wedding day. This just means that you will have more at your disposal every month and can actually invest in items you really like rather than buying something just for the heck of it.
  • Learn to mix and match – there is a certain kind of beauty in mixing and matching different metals and different gemstones together. Think silver with gold, rubies with diamonds and pearls with precious stones. Not only will it make you shine in a different manner but will also give you unique pieces to add to your collection instead of having something that everyone else also has.
  • Explore non-gold pieces – while diamond rings for girls is the most sought-after item when it is time for her to get married, learn to look beyond gold as well from time to time. Jewellery made in different gemstones like pearl is all the rage right now. If you are particular about sticking to gold then you can go for jewellery pieces made in 14-18k gold. They give the same look and feel as their more expensive counterpart.
  • Invest in statement pieces – a lot of people shy away from statement pieces because they feel it is either too big or too loud. But statement pieces do not have to be either if chosen correctly. They can also include a classic pearl choker or even a tassel which looks equally gorgeous when paired correctly.

This is not an exhaustive list. There is so much more that one can do and ensure that they get the best prices for their wedding jewellery. This list is just to get you thinking in a certain direction. You can always take a cue from this and look for a method that works best for you and fits easily into your budget as well!

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