Top 4 Regions With Best Artisan Rugs In The World

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Artistic rugs are by far one of the most elegant and unique looking rugs to be found in the market currently. They hold a certain sense of historic value that not many rugs display. Provided there are multiple, more modern looking rugs available with great design patterns and modern architecture. Nothing comes close to artisan rugs when it comes to being a piece of art. There are only a handful of artisan rug makers in the world because of which the art of making these rugs is slowly dying. These creators spend hours and days perfecting artisan rugs and once made they are shipped all across the globe. It is also true that not every country has the trend to make artisan rugs. There are only a few regions around the globe that have expert artists who have the skills to develop artisan rugs.

Why artisan rugs?

There are more reasons to go for artisan rugs than you can think. To start with, you need to support the ones who work hard to make these rugs. Creating a rug is a time-consuming process. Hence, every artist that works on it has to give 100 percent to make the best out of their thread work. As complex as it is, artists are not always praised well. In fact, not a lot of people know about artisan rug makers. So, when you buy artisan rugs you support them. Also, artisan rugs have a certain sense of history attached to them. Depending on the place they are made, the design of the artisan rug depicts a story or design pattern that makes it even more valuable.

How much does artisan rugs cost?

The price of artisan rug varies from place to place. Because it is a handmade artwork, artisan rugs can cost a bombshell. From material to working and distributing, there are a ton of aspects attached to artisan rugs that one can not disregard. So, it is natural that they will be costly. If you love art and rugs there is no reason why you should not shell out a couple of extra bucks and go for an artisan rug. They are not only exclusive but also very durable and last a long time.

The best regions to buy artisan rugs in the world

There are only a couple of places in the world that you can rely upon to help you with the best kind of artisan rugs there is. Want to know what places are those? Here is a quick list.

  1. Jaipur, Rajasthan: Jaipur, one of the oldest cities of India has a niche of some of the best artisan rig makers in the world. These artists are old, some even in their 80s, and belong to varied villages attached close to the city. The style of artisan rugs that these artists make is medical with a hint of floral patterns.
  2. Afghanistan: A Persian style of rug making is followed in Afghanistan. Their rugs are extremely durable and possess a sense of Persian elegance that not many rugs have.
  3. Turkey: Rugs from Turkey are very much similar to those of Afghanistan, their patterns are also derived from the ways ancient Persian used to make. Turkey is one of the most highly appreciated for its rugs and if you love artisan rugs a glimpse at Turkey made rugs are worth the try.
  4. Pakistan: The rug making culture is very deep-rooted in Pakistan. The Mughal style of rugs patterns and design are what most elaborately found here. The rugs made in Pakistan are shipped to places across the world. From frontal design to symmetry, you will discover a lot of antiques in the patterns of Pakastani artisan rugs.

Apart from the above, there are various other countries and states including Iran, Punjab (India), Nepal, Bangladesh that have a unique way of making rugs. Artisans here are some of the oldest and most experienced.

Should I buy an Indian artisan rug?

Among the many artisan rug countries, one that is more famous in India. In the country, every other state has a different style of rug making. So, there is a lot of variety you get when it comes to Artisan rugs. To answer the question, yes you should try our Indian artisan rugs if you like the kind of patterns and design they make. However, if you like a Persian touch, you choose other countries like Afghanistan. All the best!




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