Which is better, Sri Chaitanya or Narayana. Top Reason to know

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Hi everyone,

I am an ex-student of Sri Chaitanya and would like to share my experience of why Sri Chaitanya is the apt choice for your 11th and 12th IIT/NEET preparation.

Sri Chaitanya is one of those colleges, whose core is based on the disciplined curriculum that it entails, helping you to focus on your strength and giving you the freedom to shine, to perform to overcome your flaws, and come out a better student.

To sum up my experience at Sri Chaitanya, I have divided my answer into key pointers.


The right knowledge is clearly a critical success factor in your learning period. The right knowledge implies relevant, contemporary, and cutting-edge concept understanding, in the theory and practice of a variety of core, functional, and integrative subjects. As practice precedes theory in practice, equal emphasis is placed on concepts and applications. This blending of ideas and actions is achieved through various pedagogical techniques like lectures, sample question sets, games, research projects, routine tests, quizzes, etc. What matters most is what one can actually do. Doing well implies mastering and applying the skills in the future at a professional level, personal and human – required for effective decision-making and execution. Sri Chaitanya trains the students in these skills through a series of sessions scheduled over the duration of the program.

In addition, doubt clearing sessions help students to understand as well as develop good analytical skills. Also, a  critical attribute for success in IIIT and NEET exams is cultivating the right attitudes like positive thinking, risk-taking, opportunity seeking, adapting to change, and achieving a proper balance between divergent goals of life. Sri Chaitanya helped me develop the right attitude and encouraged me to grow into a balanced and well-rounded individual capable of taking up challenges as a student.

Study Material

Using effective and customized study materials helped me to prepare better. Study material is one of the most important things that gave me a wider exposure to solving the problems

Curriculum: As a student, I was exposed to the latest body of knowledge through the contemporary, market-oriented curriculum.

Courseware: Sri Chaitanya provides high-quality courseware comprising reference books and problem-solving study volumes. In addition, they have online access to several national and international journals, research reports, and databases.

Classroom Sessions: For me, classroom sessions turned out to be most fruitful as it helped to learn and internalize the understanding of my subjects.

Interaction with Faculty: During my time, multiple times I had the opportunity to interact with our faculty to understand, learn, grasp and apply what is learned thoroughly. This made it easy for me to not run with doubts and procrastinate over them but to actually clear them and make them my strength

Continuous Evaluation: At Sri Chaitanya, performance is assessed through a continuous evaluation process, and the appropriate feedback is provided, throughout the period of study. We are evaluated on the basis of quizzes, tests,, home assignments, debates, etc.

Sri Chaitanya College has adopted a very systematic approach towards building the careers of its students with the right set of objective learning and not just learning but understanding the nuances in detail

The two Year plan can be broken into three major sections as follows

  1. Realization: The hostels are really good, with food that doesn’t let you miss your home. Here I had the opportunity to interact with faculties which actually helped me to understand beyond a classroom which was actually an experience in itself. The college has a good crowd that creates a competitive environment that pushes individuals from time to time keeping students on the edge. There are two ways you can move from here: either keep whining about the challenges and do nothing or try to mold into the setup. I chose the latter and within months it became my second home, I had my family, friends and everyone who mattered to me here and studies became fun because dealing with challenges and overcoming them became a habit. The curriculum is designed in a way that helps you to be motivated, building yourself into a dynamic student throughout. And once you decide on it, even the elements provided by the college starts to work in your favor.
  2. Preparation Time: When you start the final preparation phase Sri Chaitanya and makes you reach your potential, also with the limited seats the competition into play and the number of students who are your competition, you actually end up performing better than you could ever have because the environment becomes so competitive that there is not a single moment where you are not thinking to improve yourself. We abide by the strict study hours that helps us to concentrate on our concepts and constantly work on the study material given to us. At first, these study hours look like a pain, but with time it actually carves you to be more focussed.
  3. Accomplishment: Sri Chaitanya helped me achieve my objective in those two years by pushing me to realize my potential but also exceed it in a way. Along the way I made some really good friends, found mentors for a lifetime, along the way it felt like a stand-up act or probably something that is very awkward for you, you end up doing it because you become a product of something that challenges you to improve in every walk of life. This is when you suddenly realize that the college I chose becomes a special and inseparable part of you.

Sri Chaitanya has given results year after year because the approach is not for you to just be a topper, but a student with thorough knowledge and understanding. This helped me to be different from others with my knowledge set and create an impact on my scores in competitive exams as well.

So to put things into perspective, Sri Chaitanya is a better choice than any other college. It is worth joining, and with the right approach, dedication, and willingness to work harder, you will come out stronger, focussed, and a much better student than anywhere else.

So if you emphasize overall learning that includes knowledge and application than Sri Chaitanya is the place

Hope this helps in making a choice.

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