Touch-Up Tricks During Long Office Working Hours

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Imagine this: Your makeup is always on point at the start of your workday. The eyeliner is sharp, the coverage is proper, and you’re ready to take on the world. But a few meetings later, things start to get a little messy. So how does one get through a long day at work while keeping their makeup looking fresh? The answer is Touch-ups!

You can ensure that your makeup looks fresh all day long with a couple of touch-up tweaks. Touch-ups are very important to avoid makeup messes. To help you navigate through it, here are a few touch-up tips and tricks to ensure your makeup stays in perfect condition all day!

  • Touch-up your Lipstick: Whether you are wearing a nude lip or a bold lip, you would require a touch-up one or two times a day. The best time for reapplying your lipstick is after eating lunch and evening snacks. By lunchtime, your lip colour will probably not be as bright and bold as it was in the morning. Additionally, to avoid the colour from rubbing off and doing too many touch-ups, you can use a metal straw when drinking water or any other beverage.
  • Touch-up your Foundation: By midday, if you notice that your foundation is getting a little shiny, you can fix this by using face powder. A lightweight, matte-pressed powder is ideal for touch-ups throughout the day. The lightweight face powder will absorb the excess oil and reduce the shine on the skin’s surface.
  • Touch-up your Concealer: Instead of reapplying the concealer all over your face in the middle of the day, focus on just your eyes. A touch-up of peach-coloured concealer under your eyes will go a long way in concealing your dark circles and keep your late nights a secret!
  • Touch-up your Eyeliner and Mascara: When it comes to mascara, it is essential to apply a primer before your mascara in the AM. This will ensure perfect lashes for most of the day. If you are looking to head out for drinks and dinner, apply an extra coat of mascara and a fresh coat of liner at the end of the day to keep your lashes dramatic through the happy hours!
  • Touch-up your Brows: The brow mascara is your best bet in maintaining perfectly shaped brows all day. All you need to do is use a skinny, angled brush in short, upward strokes to boost the volume, intensity, and shape of your eyebrows.
  • Touch-up your Blush: Keeping a blush stick in your purse is a great idea. For a quick and easy touch-up, apply the blush and blend it out using a brush, makeup blender, or simply, your fingers.
  • Essential Touch-up products: Two touch-up products that you need to have in hand are the facial mist and oil-blotting sheets. A facial mist is a great option to hydrate your skin for a midday pick-me-up! You don’t need a face wash or face scrub to feel fresh anymore. If you have oily skin, blotting an oil-blotting sheet can help keep your face dewy and fresh!

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Follow the above touch-up tips and tricks and watch yourself glistening all day like a million dollars!

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